Hi, I'm Abbey

More about me

I enjoy maths and I like tutoring it. I know that maths isn't really for everyone but I wish that in my tutorials I can aid you find out the topics as well as, possibly, you could learn that mathematics could be enjoyable to study too!

During my research, my favorite subject at A degree was mathematics (surprise!), and also the element I appreciated most was helping out my classmates. When my buddies were dealing with specifically difficult troubles, I found it really pleasant to clarify those factors in a manner that they were able to recognise. I found out that it's not the exact same for everyone; what made clear a topic for one person would certainly just mess another. That's something I always remember providing my tutorials; I won't stop up until I find the means to communicate that aids you the most.

My tutorials will certainly look very various for various students, however all the lessons be centred around assisting in the student attaining their complete possibility. If a child has a strong understanding of a subject, we'll resolve the issues, making certain we're prepared for the trickiest question the inspector could ask. Whenever there are spaces in understanding, I'll strive to explain and clarify those concepts, moving onto practise concerns when the understanding is secure.